The Jam Lounge Season 2

A jam-up musical session with your favourite numbers and best musicians— in a unique and different style

St Cuthbert's College, 122 Market Road, Epsom
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Conceptualized on the lines of Unplugged songs/music, where melodies are treated slightly differently with an emphasis on the impromptu element. It stands out because of the sheer talent of all the performers on the stage.

The audience would be mesmerized with one soulful melody after another. The beauty of the show will be the little changes done in the orchestration of the songs that made the songs sound different yet retained the soul of the melody.

The audience would love the jamming on various songs performed some completely unprepared by all the singers. All in all a complete ‘paisa vasool‘ show!

To book and pay through bank transfer, call us on 09 217 3623

For more information, contact

Ram Iyer | 021 529 982 |

St Cuthbert's College, 122 Market Road, Epsom